Written by Bart

Tonight, 'Central Coast Mariners - Wellington Phoenix', will be my 200th official game as a professional Football Fitness Coach since I signed my first professional contract in May 2010.

I'm so grateful that I was and still am able to work with so many players in different countries and continents!

Big thank you to all the players and staff members I've worked with, the head coaches (Frank Vercauteren, Carlos Queiroz, Mario Been and Darije Kalezic) I've assisted over the last 7 years and a special thank you to Frank who I've assisted in over 169 games in 3 different countries and teams. 

I love my job, the sky is the limit and the best has yet to come...

Happy New Year everyone!

Here an overview of all the games:

KRC Genk 2010-2011 (59 games, Coach: Frank Vercauteren)

48 League games

2 Cup games

1 Supercup game

4 Europa League qualification games

4 Champions League qualificiation games


Al Jazeera FC 2011-2012 (28 games, Coach: Frank Vercauteren)

14 League games

2 President Cup games

10 Etisalat Cup games

1 Supercup game

1 Asian Champions League game


Iran National Team 2012-2013 (10 games, Coach: Carlos Queiroz)

3 World Cup qualification games

7 International games


Krylia Sovetov Samara 2014-2017 (88 games, Coach: Frank Vercauteren)

81 League games

7 Cup games


APOEL FC 2017 (3 games, Coach: Mario Been)

3 Champions League qualificiation games


Wellington Phoenix 2017-2018 (12 games, Coach: Darije Kalezic)

12 League games




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