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We all know that the winter break is an ideal moment to REGAIN FRESHNESS WHILE MAINTAINING YOUR FITNESS.


Are you, as a player, looking for something extra or do you, as a coach, want to give your players some extra info during this period? 

My advice is to look for and treat your weak points before doing extra training.


My 6 tips tell you more about the ‘How’ and ‘By who’! Good luck!



  1. Visit your GP or sports DOCTOR.

 Make sure you are completely free of small pains so you can restart top fresh. Plan a complete check-up (including a blood test) with your doctor so you can anticipate in case of.  Your doctor usually is your first point of contact and he/she will refer you when necessary.


  1. Make an appointment with your DENTIST.

 It’s best to visit the dentist at least once a year. Research shows there’s a connection between teeth/jaw problems and muscle injuries. Prevention is better than healing so take care of your oral hygiene.


  1. Visit a PODIATRIST.

 Everyone benefits from being screened by a podiatrist, even if you don’t have any inconveniences. Visit Paul Borgions: he designs your own, custom-made soles, so that you can walk through life pain and worry free.


  1. Contact your OSTEOPATH.

 Any inconvenience? Have your musculoskeletal system, organs and tissues examined and treated with the help of an osteopath.


  1. Determine your BODY COMPOSITION.

A DEXA scan gives you accurate information about your body fat percentage, muscle mass and bone density. This helps you to optimize your strength training program. Adlon in Diepenbeek and the Bakala Academy in Leuven are two of the options to plan your DEXA scan.


  1. Extra VITAMIN D.

 We create our own Vitamin D through our skin via sunlight but a shortage of sunlight, especially during winter, enhances the risk of a shortage of vitamin D which increases the risk of fractures, muscle injuries, etc. Take a trip to a sunny destination or discuss the use of a vitamin D supplement with your doctor, pharmacist or nutritionist.



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